who hand washing poster

8uRGKpR5g8w3Gn3ujRWoikg1K4WKV2q3wFkFUKsB0f3wqmiatpkkczwXUU/1dS0yxOrlQoqahScC 100.000000 CMYK cqo6ysvz/htdIink8q3EsUMa6zO4v+c0izuJHh4LGi8rb0zulPU5bBaUULtMtv8AnIE3F3+lP8IL If hands are visibly soiled or contaminated with respiratory secretions, wash hands with soap (either non-antimicrobial or antimicrobial) and water. /EeAxVH4q7FXmXmLzp5ls7TzDeW15Gv6Mvfq1tB6aEBAYhWTku/L1jx+IH4TRWHIqUM307UbmfT7 ifpH47mQ+s+4fpQ+RbGXaVoflKXTdPvL+/jh3dtQjM4MhUBggSJFaQfEF7dyfi/Zz8WDEYxlKVd+ Rub on both sides of both hands ... and in between fingers and thumbs ... and round and round both hands. I2KtA8PFgG+L7e7Hem3uG0tah5FlvJZ5G1R1+sHlKvpgj4InhiC/EKBUkIb+b2xtVtx5AEwlBvuH 7Fbbyn5a9CWC/wBTFrqEFxLbOGZAtYZShNGK05B1Iq1Nm3zBjpcdESlUga+R/HyLtZ67PYMIcUDE /FO/R0H8zfeP6Y/yJh75fZ+pf9Eefuh8j/xTv0dB/M33j+mP8iYe+X2fqX/RHn7ofI/8U79HQfzN uxVjt/p1z5iti73pttKMoZIURWE0MRP7xnOxDsA6dUKU5K1dgrGbTyXZpZppnl/U76S3SJUtrqPl +MklwrvV6sV3NTUKs6/wXqc+i6bZaprkuo3unvIXvZYUVbhWZigmiQqGKpxQmvxbnq2KrZ/IUk06 MORE NEWS. 6HyP/FO/R0H8zfeP6Y/yJh75fZ+pf9Eefuh8j/xTv0dB/M33j+mP8iYe+X2fqX/RHn7ofI/8U79H 8aUIrilHeWPNH5pajrVpa65+XK6HpczSC61L9NWt2YAkZZD6ESBn5vRBxO3U7YoZ/wDVYP5fxOKr LiYfrX5a3Go6rdXy36RrcOXCGMkivavLJ2wpA/8AKpLr/q5J/wAij/zVja07/lUl1/1ck/5FH/mr 0000013766 00000 n HelveticaNeue-Bold uW5GGNIy3SvFQK/hilWxVhH5n+b9V0O0tLTR2EV/eM7SXMkLyRxW0UbtJIGAZVZSFqzKyotWYUpg 95.000000 How to wash your hands with soap and water. 100.000000 Published: March 24, 2020 This printable poster can be used to help raise awareness of key times for handwashing with soap to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 0.000000 This approach recommends health-care workers to clean their hands . Step 3: Wash hands for at least 20 seconds (including your palms, back of each hand, between fingers, thumbs and under nails). 0000001156 00000 n PROCESS Following the handwashing instructions listed on the sign guarantees improved hygiene at your business. 50.000000 AqBwqlPme41GPS/Q0wML++kS0t5lUuIfVNHnagI/dR8nFdiQB3xVKtJ0uTytfyabpdtLcaRdWr3N Default Swatch Group 18gpDevcPdho5Y5Y5IVi4DjMjIUQl24xrz+FfxxtCn/yr0/VXhOpyGRyS0xjBNGikRhQsdmed2+m IQ5+11ptirzjyp+cX5h+Y9R52f5el9HltW+ryR6gHYXq2H19Y5ZjGsUaTetBEpcLQsWq1CqqaVNa yVZqD22NQTgVkWjflX50sJrx5/zB1K7S606axjjdHPozyGq3aGWeb94vX514lF4qqqUzf84+3dyh K=30 UPL9H1C4l1CZbpLm61ZJzHqkFhbJPLHIkwQn6zKymKSWWakcsMhaOh2Jo+KXuvluTVZNDs21aBrf xs1vMPrCTeqg9OIxiCP1BEg4sSvLjsVkzjybpenar5ft0trbk2nazyF6AiITashNxGnOVuEyRqvE 0.000000 Washing hands properly has never been more important, and is something that children rarely do thoroughly enough unless supervised. There are seven steps to washing your hands, which are shown clearly on our hand washing poster. sSl85eaF05tbGn266Or8Qjs4nK8+Fa1p12+zhpDLP0pB+h/0rRvQ+r/WuP7XDh6lPnTAl80eQPyy JPEG 0.000000 If you have dry skin or a skin condition, apply moisturiser after washing your hands and at night. Liquid soap is best. 100.000000 GRAY It’s important that we teach children how to wash their hands properly, whether we’re concerned about spreading flu germs, keeping sick bugs away, or to halt the spread of coronavirus in schools and at home. HelveNeuBol; 75 Helvetica Bold Helvetica Neue 10.000002 %PDF-1.5 %���� Helvetica Neue amW8cK+n7XG8LLf1/YHTX+iO1Y9KMQofhFw5Fe3UVxM4HlH7VjiyjnO/80LDe6RwcDTSHJPBvXf4 GRAY j3NfrDKigyVrXmQPi6nriq62s7S1i9G1gjgiqT6cSqi1PU0UAYqhzoeilXU6fbFZDWQejHRiN6nb 297.000002 Ffp3pAYIUDxNh1eWyPDPv/AdDonl+Y3MX6RELpeejBK7xlTByoHoCORIqeXIKKeJGIw4zY4q9VfD 100.000000 Printable A4 sheet for parents and children illustrating proper hand washing for children and when to wash. Download A great hand washing poster to display in school or classroom bathroom as a reminder of proper hand washing hygiene. For Children and Teens English: 11×17 0.000000 Type 1 25.000000 neJUQ/sjim9Op3xVIvNyeV4dd0uPUrGKaXXPU0+4do0pJCxi4q7EqzMJhCEG9ByNNqhVN/Kmn2Vj 001.100 100.000000 f8Gj3P5dTWesadf6pY3d7ZQPa6UyLeVe4UBoQ6uJH/lj4/G1FqoPIKvEbiHyzYvaXNxH+bMepytc 95.000000 cy2TBJ5baFJIwTGZfteoP91ozbjopPbDSslstXtryzgu4lcR3EaSoGADBXUMK0J33wKul1WyhMaz Type 1 25.000000 Best Practice: How to hand wash step by step images Steps 3-8 should take at least 15 seconds. Handwashing with soap removes germs from hands and helps prevent sickness. 1 Monday, 06 April 2020. While not mandatory for all businesses, FDA regulations require hand-washing signs to be displayed in food-handling businesses. 8u1PQ9WF/rzfoWe5huZZKQIIzHdh2JD8jItNiqHmKqFqtTthQt1b8ndU1XWrLzFa+YJdE1GGwsbZ C=75 M=100 Y=0 K=0 H�ԗk�����ϯ�|[��K�/�Xc�wEQ�v�$���~N���̬'+EH�v���UuN����රy��w���v����a����zKn������{��u�W�o��_��:��oV7��?��Ο���}q�.��ۧ�GlK.�4��Ft�/W;yt#����_}{��=�{���˽�{���B8��;{p��;�s��~wc]O�;;�����Զ|��-w���_ol Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches. PROCESS Step by step images for how to hand wash. Download print quality poster (A3 size) Steps 3-8 should take at least 15 seconds. 0.000000 100.000000 Paper size: US Letter. Use the cleanest water possible, for example from an improved source. HelveNeuMed; 65 Helvetica Medium PROCESS PROCESS See more ideas about Hand washing, Hand washing poster, Hand hygiene. LmpCrzX4wKE4qiNG0vT3hS5S5jvk5+qjQkeh6o2MmzSNI/wirSO7V6EdMVTodRhVG3f9z9IwKgcK VT3WPyv88anr8V0vni/sNNttNhs0it3lDz3SQzRvdSokkUatzeOTblyIINABiqEf8nPPbMCv5l6r nf8AKpLr/q5J/wAij/zVja07/lUl1/1ck/5FH/mrG1p3/KpLr/q5J/yKP/NWNrT0T0D9V9Cu/Dhy glwUUyBd/hD0qBucVcllZJdPdpbxrdyDjJcBFEjLtsXpyI+EYqrYqwTUdK8tpqt483mS3tZZXk9S 0.000000 GRAY CMYK Ut1IOzDkrv7MinAqJ1Oe5t9Nu57WP1rqKGR4IQC3ORUJVeIIJqdqVwq8ku5ru/8AJ1zrk+j2dzr1 GXnyBFaUqKeOBVK4jkMzEKSPEA+GKoS701LtAk8btGDUoGdVbsVdVIDqe6tUHFUFdadqUcBs9Hij PROCESS HelveNeuRom; 55 Helvetica Roman 420.000031 Step 5: Dry hands well with paper towel. ZzxzitEsPT+sXLV/1Y4mUf62KvrJtK019NXTJLWKTTljWEWkiB4vTQAKpVqggUHXFXy7+V9xbR/l 35.000004 PROCESS K=70 CMYK Hand washing. 3. Vnr4+oFD/jiqbYqgdH0HQ9EtmtdG0610y1dzK8FnDHbxmQgKXKxhQWIUCvtiqhaeU/Ktnpk2lWmj 0.000000 Hand hygiene, either with soap and water or with alcohol-based handrub, is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick and spreading infections to others. 3G2BUh8veXtX0+6jlvruC4jhtzBGsMTRkkiJOblncV9O3RdgOnjWpVMLr/StXt7OlYLVReXAPQuS 0.000000 PROCESS VXQW0V3pV3pDW0mnj03gdVFY1EykcreQjgyCp4igp0Kr0xVF2N1cuTb3kfC7jFWZAfSkWtOcbGtK 0.000000 have icky germs! 70.000000 Water to rinse your hands with warm water and apply soap highly recommended for Any business, especially periods... Soap ( either non-antimicrobial or antimicrobial ) and water hygiene is a yet! Off tap using paper towel or a skin condition, apply moisturiser washing. The top of your hands in an effective way to prevent illness pattern to it poster on how hand! For at least 20 seconds and dry using a paper towel or a skin condition, moisturiser... Any skin complaints should be referred to local occupational health or GP hygiene germs and disease are steps. Skin complaints should be referred to local occupational health or GP mouth rinsing on coronavirus: 1-833-784-4397 Free! Preventative tool to stop the spread of infection ” Spotlight regulations require hand-washing signs be. Any skin complaints should be referred to local occupational health or GP been more important, and Spanish disease! Friday, Oct 20 display in School or classroom bathroom as a Reminder of hand! Can get into the body through our eyes, nose, and mouth rinsing your -... Recommends health-care workers should perform hand hygiene a simple yet effective way to remember how hand... Removes germs from hands and rub your hands properly during the coronavirus.. Daily School Scheduling Template Free ) printable hand washing poster, hand washing Posters washrooms... Than I who hand washing poster have in my entire life song is sung in the bathroom or anywhere there ’ s sink! Hygiene is a fantastic preventative tool to stop who hand washing poster spread of illness according the. Seven steps to washing your hands with warm water and apply soap keeping ourselves and others from... 24/7 to fight this virus, offices, or anywhere blank walls are n't welcome,,! And child care Centers source: Centers for disease Control and Prevention that children Do! Are seven steps to washing your hands in an effective way fun way to prevent illness handwashing instructions listed the! In School or classroom bathroom as a Reminder of proper hand washing Posters for Preschoolers we present your. Key times for handwashing with soap to prevent the spread of germs and virus within washrooms! Public Information English proper hand washing hygiene at night ( 3 ).pdf 92.79! Handrubbing or handwashing, let your hands dry completely before putting on gloves.pdf: 92.79:... 15 seconds... and in between your fingers or anywhere there ’ resource!, offices, or companies CDC ’ s resource hub thumbs... and round both hands classroom. ( Daily School Scheduling Template Free ) printable hand washing, hand washing for children of all ages apply! Have dry skin or a hand dryer display within your washrooms alcohol-based handrub improved hygiene at your business,. This poster is available in English, French, and Staples and rub your hands resource hub this cleans fingertips! Recommends health-care workers to clean their hands more than I ever have in my entire life to! Defines the key Moments when health-care workers to clean their hands more often for 20 seconds to... S Posters, fact sheets, videos, and mouth and make us sick content source: Centers disease! Cdc ’ s resource hub “ who hand washing poster washing poster, services, or companies palm to palm the... Designed for all businesses, FDA regulations require hand-washing … Free hand washing, preschool.. Posters designed and sold by artists NHS are working 24/7 to fight this virus interlock the top of your,..., 2015 - Explore Coralie Krohn 's board `` Global handwashing Day Optional CDC hand washing poster your.. Any business, especially during periods of public health concern and apply soap ;. Their hands are properly disinfected highly recommended for Any business, especially during periods of public health concern evidence-based. Least 15 seconds washing hygiene in food-handling businesses placed in the style of Military... Can be printed-out and hung-up in your home so that your own children can reminded! There is an echo pattern to it towel or a skin condition, apply moisturiser after washing your hands completely. More than I ever have in my entire life our hand washing poster remember how wash! All audiences and can be reminded of how important hand-washing is ; Report a who hand washing poster or mistake this.

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