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Please evaluate the proposal’s plan for building on the seed funding and for scaling seed grant deliverables. The number of points granted will determine the level of funding received. Community Service Grant Project Proposal Rubric Beginning (1) Developing (2) Accomplished (3) Exemplary (4) Campus Impact UO students learn about the related social need The project makes no effort to prepare or educate participants as to the work they will be doing, nor the social issue. 6. Research Methods Anderson LA 541 Fall 2000 Rubric for Research Proposal (Final Project) CATEGORY COMPONENT EXEMPLARY SATISFACTORY UNACCEPTABLE Researchable topic Involves an issue important to the profession; leads to new Project Description The project description is poorly planned out. Requirements The tone is not Is the problem clear? (0-4) Readers are aware of the overall problem or aim of the study, but the aim is not clear, or the study aim is not clearly justified. Sample Project Rubric Title of Report _____ Author _____ ... memo, proposal, application, research summary, report, scholarly communication). The narrative articulates the project but readers are unclear as The tone is generally professional. Page 1 2019 of 3 WSU Program Assessment Grant: Proposal Review Rubric Assessment Grant Proposal Review Rubric PROJECT TITLE: RUBRIC COMPLETED BY: DATE: Reviewers will complete the rubric to evaluate the quality of each proposal and … Review 1 Project Synopsis/ Proposal Evaluation Rubric R1 (9) (60) Review 2 Mid-Term Project Evaluation Rubric R2 (12) Review 3 End Semester Project Evaluation Rubric R3 (18) Review 4 Project Report Evaluation Rubric R4 (12) Review 5 Evaluation by Guide Rubric R5 (9) External Evaluation (40) Total (100) (100) In general, it is appropriate for the audience and purpose. MKT4014 STATE WARRIORS Final Project Proposal Grading Rubric Criteria Poor Adequate Good Definition of the Problem (10) Neither implicit nor explicit reference is made to the problem the study will address or purpose or the study aim is not clearly justified. Is the contribution of the project clear? Groundswell Project Proposal Rubric This rubric will be used to evaluate Groundswell Detailed Project Proposals. PART A: Capstone Proposal Rubric ... proposal. E.g. ** Transforming Transitional / Tipping Point Developing Emerging Creative Project Assessment Rubric Category Score of 5 Score of 4 Score of 3 Score of 2 Required Elements Score: Goes over and above all the required elements stated in the directions ... Project is disorganized and incomplete at times and is somewhat able to hold the attention of the viewer Project is incomplete and not easy to follow . In evaluating the proposal, the following elements will be considered, as adapted from NSEE: Criteria Criteria Description Underdeveloped (1-2) Effective (3) Exemplary (4-5) Intentionality The goals are clear and applicable. Table 1. a project with well-done design at the practitioner level and a well implemented design would receive at least 90 points or more. – Design Process Rubric Performance Level [points] Proposal and Concept High Level Design Detailed Design Test and Integration Plan Designer [5] Clear specification of all real-time requirements, Readers cannot envision how objectives will be achieved, what resources will be used, or the timeline planned. Is it clear how this project is different from the existing solutions? The project prepares participants for the work, or Project Proposal Report Rubric Date: Name of the students: Title of the Project: Criteria Grade 1-5 Notes Introduction, background, & Problem Statement Is the literature review included? Project Team and Institutional Collaboration: Does the project include a project team, or demonstrate potential to lead to the development of a project team, with expertise in the science of human learning, learning

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